Present Summit Session 2: Lulu Gee, Ruth Blackburn, Kate Long, Linda Diane Feldt

Goals: Communicate the 10% message in fun ways, and have fun doing it. Keep the message and activities inviting, welcoming, accessible, enticing, delectable, and sensuous.

Action Steps:

• Games:
o Farmer/producer trading cards
o Passport – like Local Table
o Monthly bingo cards

• PR
o Google fun event calendar
o Youtube
o Press releases
o Social networking sites
o Blogs

• Events
o Seasonal food festivals
o Workshops
o Field trips
o Tours
o Tastings
o Parades
o Community meals
o Film screenings

• Contests
o Cook-offs
o Erotic (exotic?) vegetable photo contest
o Logo/jingle contest
o Filmmaking

• Troubadours/ Ambassadors
o Street theaters
o Traveling small group
o Veggie mobiles – makes stopes at libraries, schools, churches, apartments, medical offices; offers on-site cooking classes, workshops, fun games and activities
o Artists
o Musicians

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