Present Session 2: Alex Cacciari, Jennifer Haines, Kendra Pyle, Claire Maitre, Mary Ann Aisley, Lawanna Hailey, Kristian Mack, Ellen Livingston, Kris Kaul, Dawn Thompson, Cynthia Hodges, Donna Estabrook, Tommy York

Goals: Network the skills teachers; make the trainings more available and visible; empower people to act

Action steps:

• 6 months
o make a resource website/ meetups
o provide county-wide farmer market skill demos
o organize more fun skill-building gatherings (like SELMA’s)
o inspire clubs/home gatherings to share skills

• 3 years
o local products store-front/resource center
o develop curriculums
o non-profit for teacher training
o identify barriers/work with policy makers to change these
o opportunities for kids/adults to shadow/apprentice in certain skills

• 10 years
o working/live-in demonstration centers with satellites or mobile units, partnerships with schools.

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