Goals: increase communication between institutions and farmers; fair prices; increase percentage of community products

Action Steps:

• 0-6 months:
o regular network  farmers
o countywide food education program
 sticker – 10% locally sourced, hospital – heart healthy
o SYSCO meet with local distributors – set goals

• 6 months – 3 years
o Aggregate visit information?
o County accountability system
o Meetings – distributors and farmers
o Local distributors bid (when do institutions bid? Create opportunity to participate?)
o Policy review and recommendations

• 3-10 years
o meaningful 10%, ethical 10%

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  1. Hello: I'm interested in learning more about this session and contributing to the group. Will anyone be coordinating the efforts for our county? I was unable to attend this session and would like to know more about how the Action Steps identified will be carried out.
    Thank you.
    I can be emailed at