Health: Environment

Health: Environment

Goal: Create a sustainable and resilient environment where our food is pesticide free, nutritious, fresh, organic, local, grown in clean soil, clean water, clean air to support us, our children, and future generations.

Action steps:

• Talk to friends about local/organic food choices and consequences of bad farming practices
• Ask farmers about their practices
• Demand local/organic at stores/restaurants
• Advocate institutions to have local/organic
• Create ad wearables
• Awareness building: book clubs (community read), film festival/contest (Homegrown festival)
• Spotlight where success is happening
• Seed farm programs with grand money/tax breaks/incentives
• Ask for local, sustainable meat
• Connect to earth day
• Create websites to get educated about food policy/resources/impact of current situation
• Nonprofits create workshops for farmers on organic practices
• Donate to non-profits dedicated to the cause
• Change policy/farm bill about farming practices
• Promote CSAs
• Develop labeling/point of purchase system
• Research about impact
• Showcase of organic farms
• Local is healthier for people/earth

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