Goals: Active local food distribution network, including at least 3 distributors in 10 years.
Action Steps

• Grace Potts will help create/build buying clubs to purcase from local food distributors AND organize funding for start-up distribution businesses (prosper.com)

• Information Sharing for market, timing, procing, resources
o FSEP (fsepmichigan.org)
o Lazy Hound
o Group through SPARK
o Chefs
o Small commodities market

• Distributor – Aggregator Network
o Community Gardens
o Aggregator collects from farms
o Distributor buys from aggregator, brings to market

• Local food trade show
o Commercial: restaurants, markets
o Coordinate demand and supply. Deal-making

• Central Processing Systems (local)
o Meat
o USDA Certifications
o Chicken/poultry

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