Creating Better Local Food Policies

Creating Better Local Food Policies

Present Session 2: Merilynne Rush, Liz Dahl MacGregor, Barb MacKenzie, Stephanie Elkin, Jennifer Kangas, Nate Ayers

Goals: Facilitating and encouraging local food production through policy. Educating and empowering citizens to change prohibitive policies.

Action Steps:
• Immediate:
o Create task force or working group
o Research existing models
o Identify achievable policies to start with
Example: encouraging fruit trees
o Identify stakeholders
o Explore funding sources

• Intermediate:
o Marketing to inform the community
o Get money

• Long Term
o Create a “local food policy, resource, and networking center” in a physical location and/or online

• Throughout
o Lobby for food policy issues
o Disseminate information

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