Goal: increase our edible food production by protecting existing farmland AND transforming land into edible production (rural, suburban, and urban)

Action Steps:

• Collect data
o WHO: universities, state, Washtenaw Co.

• Farmer matchmaking

• Points on PDR applications for local food production
o WHO: local governments, land conservancies

• Involve 4-H and Farm Bureau
o WHO: MSU-Ext

• Food Policy Council
o WHO: Washtenaw Coutny Public Health

• Local food presence at community fairs

• Replicate edible Schoolyards
o WHO: school districts

• Incentivize growing food on your own property (house lawn, building grounds, parks)
o WHO: local govts: tax breaks, municipally run education/gardening/composting program

• Access USDA technology and funding
o WHO: partners within Washtenaw county for grants
Actors needed::

• 4H

• Michigan young farmer coalition

• Detroit growers club

• Summit young farmers

• MSU Ext, USDA, Farm Bureau

• Local governments, land conservancies

• Experienced local farmers

• Municipal partners – parks and rec, planning

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