Capital “Piggy” Bank

Capital “Piggy” Bank

Present Summit Session 2: Shannon Brines, Bernadette Malinoski, John Harnois, Ginny Trocchio, Debi Weiker, Jean Henry, Jeff McCabe, Remi Holden

Goals: Loans, Social Ventures Bank

Action Steps:

• IMMEDIATE: Vision – what’s the model? Scratch? Bank? Institution?
o Within 2 months, finish research – analysis of impact of investments (jobs, economic activity)
o Within 6 months, CREATE!

• INTERMEDIATE: 6mo-1year
o website for direct investment
o first loans with website
o network

o Scale up: bank with loans, national model within 3 years
o 10 years: 10% personal savings in Washtenaw County

• legal
• secure/insecure
• role of banks
• entrepreneurial development

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